#1 Tip to Get Your House Ready For a Photoshoot: "Clutter Free is the Key!"

By the RPP Team
April 20, 2022
"Clutter free is the key!"

Today, the majority of buyers will start their house hunting online, therefore prepping your house for a photoshoot is the best way to maximise your photo potential and make a strong first impression.

But how do you get your house ready for a photoshoot? The number one tip recommended by us? “Clutter free is the key!”

Strong images will make a listing stand out online, attract more attention and therefore draw more buyers to open homes, to ultimately help achieve the goal of selling a house faster and for a great price.

Getting your house ready for a photoshoot doesn’t have to be a daunting process. Remember the garage doesn’t get photographed, so it’s a great space to store all of your extra items and personal treasures!

Following are examples of everyday objects which can be hidden away to create a clutter free house that is ready for sale:

  • Family pictures
  • Shoes/shoe racks
  • Toothbrushes/holders
  • Tea towels
  • Bins
  • Tissue boxes
  • Kitchen drying rack/cleaning products
  • Shower products

These items are a good start, and by doing so you have taken positive steps towards getting your house ready for a photoshoot. Removing these objects will make a house go from flop to pop by making it feel more spacious and open. Additionally, it will allow the viewer to focus on the space itself, as well as allowing them to imagine themselves living in the space with their own items.

If you find your property still needs some improvement on the day, there is always the option of digital declutter. This service allows for the digital removal of the smallest to the biggest items.