Owning an RPP Franchise

Head Office
May 24, 2023

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to own an RPP franchise? You've likely seen the stunning photos and helpful insights we share, but have you ever thought about what goes on behind the scenes? We’ve had the pleasure of working with our RPP franchisees over the years, and they’ve made sure to tell us how incredible the experience is. From the freedom and flexibility to be your own boss, to the support and resources provided by the RPP team, owning an RPP franchise can be a game-changer. 

But don't just take our word for it! We sat down with Greg Harvey from RPP Brisbane Outer North and spoke to him about his experience. When we asked him why he was interested in becoming an RPP franchisee, Greg said, “I was interested in photographing houses, but did not know how to get into it. I also liked the idea of someone able to advise me on the business path, not having run a business before.”

Greg has been with RPP for nearly six years, soaking up countless unforgettable experiences and taking stunning photos along the way. We wanted to know what the best part of being an RPP franchise is—in Greg’s opinion, it’s “The backup and support that is there if you require it. The little talks that push you in the right direction.”

Of course we also wanted to discover what a day in the life of an RPP franchisee looks like. “I exercise in the morning and then I start my day by sending off shoots from the day before, and then do any editing for any drone shoots and answer emails. I then go to whatever shoots I have booked in. Once they are done I come home and process them to send off to the editing team.” 

Exciting and action-packed, wouldn't you say?

As a franchisee in the fast-paced world of real estate, every day is an adrenaline-fueled adventure filled with exciting challenges. We wanted to know about some of the challenges Greg has faced, “Time management is always a challenge. Prospecting is challenging to grow the business.”

When we asked him how he managed to conquer these challenges, Greg revealed his secret to success, “I generally give myself more time in-between shoots so that I have plenty of time to complete all the work I need to do. For prospecting I have to force myself to do it and keep it in small amounts that are manageable.” By doing so, he not only stays motivated and accountable but also achieves his goals in record time!

Greg also shared an unexpected experience about owning an RPP franchise. “The challenge of pushing yourself to take on new technologies. That can be stressful. I wasn't expecting that. I didn't expect to enjoy the creativity as much as I do.”

Despite unexpected challenges, the satisfaction of discovering new passions is unmatched. Greg even captured the experience in a photo that will leave you in awe!

When asked for a bit of advice for new franchisees, Greg said, “My best advice is always don't expect any growth to be fast. It will be slow and steady. Always be yourself with clients and treat them with respect and always see things from their point of view to understand what they want in a business partner. But always enjoy the day.”