How to style your couch cushions

Courtney Dunn
June 12, 2023

Styling the couch cushions. It’s not something we give much thought, but it’s the first thing we notice when done wrong. Then—once we’ve noticed the problem—it can be pretty difficult to fix. We believe that you should give as much thought to the couch cushions as you do when selecting artwork—and it should be done long before the cushions even enter the room! Unfortunately, there’s no ‘one-way-suits-all solution’, but that’s why we’re going to talk about our favourite styles. We just know there’s one that will work for you!

The minimalist

Maybe you’re going for a subtle look, or maybe you have a feature artwork or statement piece that deserves all the attention. Whatever the case, it doesn’t mean your couch has to be left bare! This will throw off the balance of the room, and feel a little bit unwelcoming to boot. Try putting a group of three cushions in the corner or on the edge of the couch. It will look great if they’re different sizes, textures and even colours, but make sure it works seamlessly with the theme of the room. If you want a bit of extra flair, try placing a soft throw beneath the cushions.

The opulent

There’s nothing wrong with piling plenty of cushions on the couch! In fact, it can have a rather grand and luxurious feel—it just needs to be done with purpose. This particular look suits couches and lounges that have a bit more room, and it’s a fantastic choice when you want your couch to really turn heads. We love when this look is created using cushions of the same size, but make sure to include lots of textures and colours.

The colour coded

Got a colour you love? Add it to the couch! Creating a bright and colourful couch can look fantastic in an otherwise understated space, but it can also be a great opportunity to create contrast if the room is styled with a complementary colour. Grab a throw and a few cushions in the colour of your choice, and place some more subtle cushions around them to really bring your couch to life.

The three pointer

Want more than the minimalist but less than the opulent? Try this look that’s somewhere in between! Placing groups of three cushions at each edge and corner of the couch will ensure it’s a statement piece, but will stop it from looking too over the top if that’s not the look you’re after. Again, different sizes, textures, and colours are what really make this style shine, so don’t be afraid of having fun. 

As you can see, styling your couch can really change the feel of the space. Before you start adding your cushions, we suggest picking a style and choosing the pieces. There are plenty of great ways to do this—from creating mock images to visiting your chosen store. However you approach it, we just know you’ll be able to bring your room together by choosing a style that works for you.