5 Creative Ways to Boost Exposure For You and Your Listings

By the RPP Team
April 19, 2022

Whenever you list a home for sale it’s obvious that it’s important that you get it right. For many potential buyers, the online listing is their first impression of the home. And, well, first impressions count.

Whether you’re a Real Estate Agent, or you’re looking for ways to make sure your home gets sold as quickly as possible, we’ve got you. Take a look at our top 5 tips for boosting your listings’ exposure:

For sellers:

1. Make your #aesthetic Instagrammable

The better your home looks, the more likely it is to be shared on social media. One of the key things to remember here, is that when you’re presenting your home for real estate photos, make it look like you never lived there.

Not only does this make your home shine with minimalist vibes, it also enables viewers to imagine themselves in that space. For more info on getting your home ready for real estate photos, take a look at our previous blog Get your home photo-ready with these 5 easy steps.

2. Feature a virtual tour

A recent study found that marketing a property with a video resulted in a 403% increase in enquiries. Translation: videos and interactive visuals work. Opting for a virtual tour as part of your real estate photography package is a fantastic way to boost exposure for your listing.

Virtual tours give potential buyers the ease of exploring your property at any time they like, from the comfort of their own home. And this relaxed take on sussing our properties has led to a great deal of success lately (especially with Covid making inspections a bit tricky!). For more information on virtual tours, take a look at our blog Why virtual tours are the next big thing.

3. Put on a light show

Lighting can absolutely make or break a photo in your listing. Not only do we recommend allowing natural lighting to pour through your space (hint: open the curtains and the blinds before your photographer arrives), but we also recommend ensuring all interior and exterior lights are operational and free of cobwebs prior to your session (especially during twilight sessions!).

4. Organise multiple angles

Studies have shown that buyers are interested in the ‘other bits’ in your listing other than just interior photos. Not only do many buyers like to check out property lines, land size and backyard space, but they also like to see what the neighbourhood is like, and what nearby areas they might see themselves visiting as a tenant.

Drone photography, aerial shots, pole shots and top-down views are exceedingly popular in real estate listings. In our opinion, the more visual info you give buyers, the better, right? For more information on photography angles, check out our blog Demystifying drone photography for real estate.

5. Explore the area’s best bits

Selling your home is one thing, but people are also interested in your street, your neighbourhood, and surrounding areas.

Is there a school, a park, a hospital, a shopping centre, or some other useful building or area in your neighbourhood? Did you know that we can take a drone photo called a Point of Interest shot that visually shows buyers just how close you are to key areas in your neighbourhood? Find out more about that and enquire here.

For Real Estate Agents

1. Create a stellar digital presentation

Studies show that a whopping 43% of homebuyers search online before contacting an agent. So obviously your listing has to be in tip-top shape. But you already know this. What we recommend is encouraging your clients to pursue different angles in their photography package, to really immerse buyers in the property and what it has to offer.

2. Make that property description shine

Buyers love to know as much as possible from real estate listings. Studies show that phrases like ‘this property won’t last long!’ and ‘motivated seller’ as well as demographic-specific phrases like ‘bachelor pad’ and ‘perfect for couples!’ are no-nos when advertising a property.

On top of that, buyers are also looking to engage with the listing, and customised copy with personality and a Call to Action is absolutely crucial. Don’t be shy to get a copywriter on board to help with this step if you’re stuck!

3. Get social

The average Australian spends one hour and 39 minutes on social media every day. And as we know, social media is in itself an advertising platform of sorts. Popping your listing on social media, or even sorting out a Facebook ad will certainly get more eyes on your property. Aesthetic photos on your Instagram page also increase exposure, and encourage others to share.

4. Make them want more

Video content is what people want! Studies have shown that 70% of buyers and renters expect to see virtual tours on listings. On top of that, teasers of video walkthroughs have proven to create a lot of ‘hype’ around new listings, which inevitably leads to more eyes on your listing.

5. Turn to your lead nurture lists

Email marketing is a definite secret weapon when it comes to boosting exposure on new listings. Popping into your CRM and grabbing newsletter signups, as well as new and existing leads, and shooting them an email with details on your newest property listing will definitely create some buzz around the property. And you might even get a few enquiries too!

When it comes to getting your home listing-ready, we know we have what it takes to capture captivating visuals.

With over 88% of prospect purchasers turning online for their next property purchase, professional visuals through the listing process is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Having an understanding of each of our location markets is a crucial element amongst our photographers, ensuring that we can deliver solutions that are designed to overcome listing challenges along, ultimately delivering you results.