Colour combinations to make your rooms glow

Courtney Dunn
October 20, 2022

When it comes to choosing a colour scheme, making a decision can be difficult. While each individual room needs to look good, it’s also important for there to be an overall, coherent theme. This means you can use complementary colours to ensure the rooms flow from one to the other, or you can alternate the accents from room to room to keep it consistent. We’ve seen a lot of houses, which means we’ve seen a lot of styling. So here are some of our favourite combinations to get you started.  

Start with cream and brown

Classic, warm and subtle—this is a timeless combination that will look great in any home. You can keep this theme light and airy by using cream as the statement colour. Alternatively, you can switch things up and use a darker brown as the base.

The best thing about this theme is that it’s not too overwhelming. This means you can run it through the whole house without going too far. The subtleness also means you can include statement pieces like fixtures and statues without the colour overpowering your choices.

You can't go wrong with white and blue

There’s a reason the Hamptons style is so popular—a white and blue colour scheme is just so relaxing! As you can see from this image, patterns look fantastic when using these colours, and adding in some soft greys really gives this style depth. 

We think these colours are strong on their own, so keep this in mind when decorating. Keeping it minimalist is the way to go. We recommend white vases and lamps, and a book or two to finish.

Try grey, white and green

Grey, white and green is a bold choice! While it could be overpowering in every room, we think it’s the perfect way to turn bathrooms into a statement instead of an afterthought. We just love the way the green plants look against the grey walls.

Of course, you could make this scheme more subtle if you focused on the white, and made green and grey the accent colours. This would be a fantastic choice for bedrooms and living spaces. There are so many green throws and cushions to choose from.

Introduce colour with a soft, dusky pink

Looking for a softer scheme? Dusky pinks are the perfect choice! This look is a lot more understated than some of the other choices, which gives you more opportunity to get creative with decor. We think pink is the perfect choice for bedrooms and living rooms, but you could definitely make it work elsewhere. 

Although this is a pleasing choice, the home might look washed out if you use it in every room. Make sure you include some contrast in other areas. We think a pink bedroom and a grey, white and green bathroom is an interesting choice. 

Go dramatic and dark with black and white with gold accents 

This one is definitely a statement! Black, white and gold looks great in modern homes where there’s lots of horizontal lines. If you like this choice, make sure you keep the styling to a minimum—you don’t want to go too overboard. The house can look impressive when done up this way, but make sure to break up the black with the white. This can be done using things like white bench-tops, curtains, or walls. 

Add warmth with muted yellow

Yellow looks fantastic when it’s used as an accent colour. It creates a cheerful feeling that’s perfect for the living room or even the kitchen. Yellow can quickly become overpowering, so make sure to stick with one shade. We also recommend adding the colour sparingly—keep it to either the cushions and throws or to the actual furniture. As for the other colours to include? Whites, greys and charcoals are your best options, but the green of plants also looks great.

Give white, rust and green a go

Just like cream and brown, you can’t go wrong with this choice! It’s relaxing and subtle, and you can use the scheme throughout the whole house by playing around with the accent colours. This choice is all about the texture, so include things like fluffy throws, statement cushions and wicker chairs. Plant lovers can go wild here, as the green of leaves is the perfect way to complement the whites and rusts. 

Make sure you experiment

As you can see, the options are limitless when it comes to colour schemes. While we’ve highlighted some of our favourites, we know there are so many more choices you can make. So, make sure to experiment with different colours when decorating your house to get the most out of it. If you get stuck, you can always grab a copy of the colour wheel for help.

Grabbed a scheme from our list? Make sure to tag us in your images! We’d love to see what colours you’ve come up with.