Creative angles for capturing spaces.

Courtney Dunn
October 20, 2022

Photography is an important part of any real estate listing. The most important thing to remember is that you are trying to show off the home in the best light, and this means different things for different rooms. When you hear the words ‘real estate photography’ you probably think of a wide-angle shot from the door or the corner of the room. While these photos are very common—and are a fantastic way to show off the space—there are some more creative shots you can use to show off a home’s individual personality.

We’ve come up with six different ways for you to highlight your next listing’s quirks.  

The straight

Shooting straight-on can drastically change the feel of your real estate images. This technique creates a more editorial feel, and is a great way to photograph high-end homes where each room has a feature. At RPP, we call this type of shot a ‘bespoke shot’. They are more emotive than the typical wide-angle image, and do a great job of positioning prospective buyers within the space. 

As this angle is not too out there, photos shot in this manner work well with the traditional wide-angle shot. One or two bespoke images in the listing can break up the otherwise similar photos, providing an opportunity for viewers to pause, breathe and think about the home.

The overhead

This angle is a bit more creative than the bespoke, but that’s what makes it so eye-catching. Overhead shots can say a lot about the home—whether it’s to highlight the beautiful custom staircase, open-plan living areas or incredible view off the balcony. This type of image is a great way to show off features that can be hard to capture without tilting the lens.

By angling the camera down completely, the image will not feel ‘off’—like it would if the camera had only been slightly tilted. We think this is the perfect angle for homes with features below eye level. 

The grand tour

Floor plans are a fantastic way to show layout—but what if we told you a single image could complement the plan? Modern houses are designed in such a way that there’s usually a spot where you get a lot of the home in a single image. Of course, this doesn’t work for all homes—but when it does the results speak for themselves.

This angle can be achieved by looking back on a staircase, aiming the camera down a sweeping hall, or even photographing outside if the exterior is made of glass. If you’re interested in this type of shot, make sure to look at the options before the shoot and mention it to your photographer. 

The details

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that have the greatest impact. While wide shots will show the scope of high-end homes, the smaller features will end up blending into the background. For homes where fixtures like lights, handles and taps are part of the appeal, it can be a good idea to get up close and personal.

Next time you’re listing a new build, ask your photographer to take some detail shots of the more interesting features. They’re sure to generate interest. 

The high and low

We’re so used to seeing real estate photos taken at a certain height—so much so that changing up the rules can be disconcerting. However, photographing a room from closer to either the floor or ceiling can be a fantastic way to get more information across. For example, shooting low can show off more of the view like in the image above, and shooting high is great for homes with interesting light fixtures or ceilings. 

Of course, you can always give this angle a go just for the sake of it. Sometimes it’s good to be a little different.

The mirror shot

Photographing small rooms can be a bit tricky—especially when there are walls or furniture obstructing the view. A creative, visually appealing way to get around this issue is to aim the camera at a mirror. Doing so will instantly make the room look twice its size, and there is lots of opportunity to get creative with the reflection.

Using the mirror to take photos is also an option for luxury homes—especially when combined with bespoke images. Mirrors can create interesting effects, and it is so important that people are interested in your listing. 

More than one way

So, that wraps up our six creative ways to capture spaces in your next listing. As you can see, there is definitely more than one way to photograph a space. We think that mixing things up with the photos you use is a great way to get people talking about your listing. After all, we all love seeing something new.

Want to change things up on your next shoot? Have a chat with your RPP photographer about the new angles you’d like to see—they’re there to help.