Demystifying Drone Photography For Real Estate

By the RPP Team
April 19, 2022

It’s no secret that nabbing a great photo of your property is an absolutely fundamental part of the advertising process. A good photo encourages people to inspect your home. But a great photo encourages buyers to get their offers ready!

And we’re here to help with that. How? By offering state-of-the-art photography technology to capture your home’s best angles, show off its position, and get buyers imagining themselves living there.

But here’s the thing – when someone says the phrase ‘drone photography’ it’s often met with a lot of scepticism. A lot of people view drone photography as something that captures a basic aerial shot of your roof – something you could easily find on Google Earth.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth!

There are so many ways that drone photography can add a new dimension to your property’s photos, and we’re here to break it down for you. There are 5 different ways that drone photography can transform your listing:

The Pole Shot:

Imagine a photograph of your home as if it was taken from a telephone pole. These photos are taken from an angle that shows off the front of the home, a portion of the roof, and a part of your yard.

These photos really give buyers a good idea of the yard space, as well as the general ‘vibe’ of the home, above and beyond what the interior ground photography can provide.

Our top tip for getting a pole shot done – make sure your landscaping is on point!

The Top Down View:

This classic-style drone photography technique gives buyers a strategic, high-point view of the size of your lot. Taken from a birds-eye view, these photos show off your outdoor space, roof, and a portion of neighbouring homes to give a good indication of lot lines.

Our top tip for top-down photos: if your property is bigger than 120m (the size of the drone’s camera restriction), opt for an aerial panorama to really capture this view!

Oblique Shot:

A good way to think about an oblique shot is ‘wide and from the side’. The shot is taken from a slight height, and from a side perspective, designed to show your home’s position.

Essentially, the photo is taken in a way that showcases the home’s surroundings as well as the horizon.

The best thing about oblique shots is that you’re in control of which angle we take the photo from as well!

Our top tip for oblique shots: take a walk/drive around the neighbourhood and figure out where the most photogenic place is, and let us know so we can aim in that direction – parks and nature areas are particular stand-outs!

Point of Interest Shot:

These shots, also called POI’s, are really similar to oblique shots. Basically, the intention is to show off a point of interest near your property, to give buyers a sense of the neighbourhood and all the awesome things it has to offer.

These points of interest could be hospitals, schools, sports venues, or any other areas that you think would make buyers go ‘ooh’.

Our top tip for POI shots: our drone operator shoots places based on the directions north, south, east and west. So ensure you know what direction your chosen POI is!

Sunset/Twilight Drone Photography:

Take advantage of the calming natural hues of sunset and twilight lighting with a specialised drone image.

These images are taken at the perfect time before sunset, and show your home in a gorgeous and inviting way.

Our top tip for these shots: Make sure your outdoor lights are working for the best image. Or, if your lights aren’t in tip-top shape right now, opting for a late afternoon/early sunset shoot will show your home in the best light. And remember, our drone operators are not permitted to take off after last-light due to CASA regulations, so be ready when it’s time for your shoot!

When it comes to drone photography, we are sure it will bring a new perspective to your home’s online presence. To chat to us about the drone photography option that might be right for you, get in touch with us via email, or call 1300 728 223.

Or, to check out more about our drone photography service and see some example shots, click here.