Five fresh ways to style for 2023

Courtney Dunn
January 11, 2023

It’s the start of a new year, which means it’s time to refresh your style. It’s no secret that changing the way your home looks is a big job—and that’s why we put it off until the space feels old, tired and cluttered. But don’t worry! We’ve picked five fresh styles to get you inspired. Your home will be the envy of the street in no time. 

Subtle hues

Looking for something light and airy? Try styling with subtle hues. There’s not much colour in this home, but the overall look is so calm and relaxing. The white of the counter, cupboards, and walls works well with the warmth of the wood furniture, and the soft pops of green bring the whole space together. To get this look, choose some light or pastel artwork and let the colour shine throughout the rest of the styling.

The bare minimum

This look is a minimalist’s dream. Limited to two colours, this style sings because of the carefully considered features. That pendant light and those statement vases work together to add depth to an otherwise bare space. If you hate unnecessary clutter, then this is the one for you. We suggest choosing two feature items and incorporating minimalist furniture in those two colours.

Pop art deco

Feeling brave? Then you should choose something a little bit out there! We love how bold and bright this pop art look is. From the geometric shapes to the feature artwork, this look is perfect for people who love a little bit of colour in their lives. Want to achieve this style? Choose two or three bold colours, a statement art piece, and a rug or throw with a fun pattern.

The natural space

This look is all about bringing the outside in. We think it’s perfect for apartments with little outdoor space, as the green of the plants add plenty of freshness to the home. While it’s best to show off the plants on a bright white canvas with gentle hues, they also look fantastic and impactful on a darker background. Want this look for yourself? Instead of adding feature items like ornaments and candles to surfaces, decorate your home with plenty of (real or fake) plants.

Modern Industrial

Warm wood, exposed brick, and black metal furniture—we love this modern industrial look! The overall harshness is softened by decorative plants, comfy cushions, and plenty of light. This style looks fantastic in homes with high ceilings and large windows, but you can definitely make it work on a cosier scale. Try bold furniture, wooden accents, and soft furnishings.

Those are our top five fresh styles for 2023! We hope they’ve inspired you to update your home. Getting ready to tackle the new year might be overwhelming, but we strongly believe it’s easier to do when you have a freshly styled home to relax in. If you’ve tried one of these styles, make sure to share it with us.