The 5 Ways Professional Photography Can Save Time & Get Results

By the RPP Team
April 20, 2022

The visual images used to present a rental property to market can have a big impact on potential tenants, property owners and your professional image. Here’s why professional photography is the answer to saving you time, attracting the right attention and getting the best results for your landlord clients and your business.

  1. Whilst taking your own photos might seem like a cost-effective way to market a rental property, hiring a professionally-trained photographer can save you time by taking some of the workload off your shoulders and giving you the time to manage the tenancy for your landlord’s biggest asset.
  2. With affordable pricing options available to suit any size or type of property, you can now enjoy the very same visual marketing tools that property sales professionals have been using for years.  
  3. Say goodbye to dull and dreary images. Photos that increase the appeal of a property require an understanding of lighting and angles to make a room, or entire home, feel open and inviting. Professional real estate photographers are fully trained and equipped with the right equipment and training to capture high-impact images for real estate.
  4. A professionally photographed property not only grabs attention but also ensures you’re minimising rental loss by attracting more interest to generate more clicks online from potential tenants and ultimately reducing the time spent on market.
  5. Give prospective tenants the ability to revisit the property layout again and again in their own-time online by adding a floor plan. Floor plans are the ideal way to show the property layout and connection between rooms and spaces, providing a valuable viewing resource for prospective tenants.

Join the growing number of Property Managers using professional photography to raise the bar, enhance their professional brand and experience growth.